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Wmuk: Live Interview and Performance

With Dede Alder & Josh Holcomb

Dede Alder and Josh Holcomb of Dede and the Dreamers join Craig Freeman in the studio to play original songs and talk about what's behind their hard-to-categorize music. 

Local Spins

Dede and The Dreamers Interview

“The new album is something that I am so proud of,” said Alder, who sings and plays vibraphone. “It was recorded on a portable home studio all throughout the state of Michigan in basements, garages, bedrooms and homes of people. I don’t think there is an overall theme to this album, but it is a collection of 15 great songs, and overall, it has a light, daydreamy feel, so the album is well-named.”

Earthwork Covers Earthwork

Dede & the Dreamers : Miss Muse by Chris Dorman

The texture of Chris Dorman's song was so fun to work with. We used marimba and strings to add our own texture that hinted to the original's mysterious quality. Since half of the Dreamers live in Traverse City, we sent the file up to Chris Michels and John Driscoll to add there own stylings to the song. I left the interpretation open to them trusting in their musicality. 

WYCE : Live Studio Recording

 Dede & the Dreamers : Hope & On The Move

Dede & The Dreamers perform this song from the new album 'Daydream', live at WYCE. Session aired 2016-01-28

Dede and The Dreamers get ‘daydreamy’ while expanding audience for psychedelic folk-jazz

As a child growing up in Traverse City, Dede Alder fondly recalls painting, dancing, drawing, writing poetry and “putting on shows” in her basement.

Record Eagle Article

Dede & the Dreamers Set to

Unfurl Daydream

Ranging from vintage-sounding vocals to indie-pop ditties to psychedelically dreamy, guitar-driven tracks, “Daydream” was recorded, edited, produced and mixed by band multi-instrumentalist Chris Michels, with well-known Traverse City musician John Driscoll playing percussion and contributing harmony vocals.

Album Review: Daydream

by Steve Leaf

If the goal of recording an album is to build some kind of aesthetic, then Dede & The Dreamers have accomplished just that with their latest album. ‘Daydream’ is an apt title for the release from Dede & The Dreamers. The album opens with ‘Dear One’, an acapella tune that takes you straight to Bourbon St. in New Orleans, LA. Its a classic love song with Dreamers’ John Driscoll and Chris Michels backing up Dede on sultry vocals. It ends with a huge major chord on the organ....
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