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Singer  Songwriter  Percussionist

Heading 1

I value all the people that want to look closely at our lives and our future and change it. To propel us forward with our hearts and minds. 

It is a strange time to be alive, maybe every ancestor who has lived through any historical changes feels this same way. Maybe change just feels hard and strange and uncomfortable. I don't know, but one thing I'm clear on is that it is the role and job of the artist to give voice to it all. We, out of any occupation, are allowed, in fact encouraged, to look at it, question it, and explore it. What is the it? It's the disfunction, the imbalance, the ugliness, the shadow, and the beauty. It is our job to dive deeply into these subjects and give witness, and ultimately, if we do our job right, come back with the silver lining of hope. Come back with the spark that lights the fire in other's souls. That spark that reminds us of the things we used to know and our values as children. The things that disarm us. At least, this is why I make music.


My value is not in what I do, What I buy, or how much I make

I'm breaking the illusion that what I own has meaning

I already have Too much

Too much to do, Too much to mend

Too much to wash, clean, fold, and dry

It's time to simplify

The beauty of this world is free

We all know yet we forget


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